Safety Razor vs Disposable Razor: Which one is Better?

The debate over Safety Razor vs Disposable Razor is an ongoing one, and the two types have their share of supporters and detractors. One camp says the other is pansy, while the other considers both viable options, and ultimately, the choice is situational. Some situations may call for the convenience of a safety razor, while others may require the convenience and cost of disposable razors.

When deciding between a disposable razor and a safety razor, it’s essential to consider their hygienic qualities and costs. Safety razors are generally cheaper and offer a close shave for years. But what’s the most significant difference between disposable and safety razors?

This article will discuss the different aspects of both safety and disposable razors. Furthermore, we will elaborate on the impact of both razors on soft skin later in the article. So, keep reading.

Comparison of Safety Razor vs Disposable Razor

There are certain factors we compared comprehensively to distinguish the most reliable razor from both. We often get queries on Safety razors vs disposable Reddit, so we compared these razors. These factors include:

How to Use a Safety Razor for a Close Shave?

Safety razors are three parts: the handle, the base plate, and the top cap. The three-piece razor is the most common safety razor and is easy to manufacture. There are also one-piece razors that open up at the top, such as butterfly or twist-to-open safety razors. While these are more difficult to manufacture, they provide a close shave.

How to Use a Safety Razor for a Close Shave?

The best safety razor comes with a protective bar along the edge of the head, called a comb. These bars come in various shapes and sizes, with closed combs looking like subtle grooves while open combs look more like individual teeth. 

Most experts recommend closed combs for everyday shaving and open combs for shaving with thicker stubble. Safety razors also come with different handles – short and long. Shorter handles are more accessible to hold than long ones, which allows for more control and reduces the risk of cuts.

Compared to cartridge razors, safety razors have one blade and two sides. As a result, they require less rinsing after each shaving. When shaving with a safety razor, you can flip it over to a fresh blade and shave in the opposite direction of hair growth. 

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can do a second pass across the direction of hair growth. After the first pass, apply a new layer of lather and re-shave the opposite side with the same razor.


Consider a safety razor if you’re looking for a more hygienic razor. These razors use a single double-edge steel blade and can be recycled after use. They cost about $20-40 per 100-count pack, which can last a long time. Additionally, safety razors offer a better shave with fewer after-shave ingredients.

There are three general styles of safety razors. The first type is a two-piece safety razor, while the second is a butterfly safety razor. Both have a safety guard, which guides facial hair toward the blade. The closed comb is less aggressive, while the open comb has fewer divots along the edge. While both are effective, safety razors should not be used by children.

The safety razor is a safer option for women. The safety razor has a weighted handle and is very sharp. Therefore, it is easier to shave with less pressure and avoid facial reactions. It would help if you also shaved sensitive areas of the face with the grain of the hair to get a gentler shave. It may require several passes to remove all of the hair.

A safety blade is easier to clean than a cartridge razor. The blades are less likely to get clogged, and bacteria can develop. And safety razors can be easily disassembled to clean them, which means they are a more hygienic choice than disposable razors. They are also more affordable than disposable razors. These razors are also made of a different material, making them gentler on your skin.

Durability Factor

When it comes to maintaining the durability of safety razor blades, the more you shave, the more often you should change them. If you shave once a week or every other day, change your blade every two to three weeks. 

If you shave daily, you should change your blade every five to six days. Your blades will be fresh and sharp for as long as possible. To avoid dulling your razor blades prematurely, you should wash them every time you shave.

Safety razor blades are made of stainless steel alloy. The composition varies from one manufacturer to the next. Swedish Steel is considered the best metal for a razor, but European-made razors generally have higher quality. 

Another aspect that affects the durability of a blade is the type of coating and grinding methods used. Understanding these techniques will help you predict the lifespan of your blade. Once you know which types of blades are most durable, you can make an informed choice for your shaving experience.

After each use, rinse the safety razor blades with hot water. The blades should then be left to air dry. It will prevent the blades from rusting or developing chemical breakdown. Ensure to store your safety razor in a dry place not to become damp or corroded. In addition to storing them in a dry place, you should also regularly shave with them. This way, you can ensure that it will last for years.

As mentioned earlier, you should change your blades every two to three days. For beginners, it is best to change them every two to three days. Changing your blades every two to three days will ensure you have the freshest blades and prevent lousy shaving habits. Just remember, shaving is a marathon, not a sprint. If you shave once or twice a day, you’ll only need to change them once every seven days.

Another factor affecting the lifespan of safety razor blades is the amount of hair you shave. Different body parts have different hair types, and each one is different in thickness. If you only shave your face, you’ll get more life from a blade used for other parts of your body. Also, if you shave your legs, you’ll put more pressure on the blade, which will wear down its sharpness and make it less effective.


Generally, safety shaving equipment is heavier than disposable ones. Moreover, it isn’t easy to clean and maintain the blades of the former. An adequately maintained razor lasts a lifetime. Disposable razors are made of plastic or rubber, while safety razors have a metal head embedded in the body. 

Because of this hybrid design, it isn’t easy to separate the various parts for recycling. Therefore, most of these products end up in landfills or water systems. Nevertheless, it is a lightweight choice for those who don’t mind carrying a large blade.

Safety razors can be a little harder to hold than disposable razors, and their weight may pose a challenge for people with large hands. For this reason, longer safety razor handles are better than short ones. 

They are easier to control, and longer ones will prevent you from getting nicks from the blade. Safety razors also tend to be heavier, requiring less pressure to glide through the stubble. It means they work better.

Cost of safety razor vs. cartridge razors

The primary difference between a safety razor and a cartridge razor is the material used in their construction. The cartridge razor is made of metal or plastic, while a safety razor is chrome-plated solid brass. While the price of a safety razor is higher than a cartridge razor, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages of using one.

Cost of safety razor vs. cartridge razors

For men with sensitive skin, safety razors may be a better choice. Cartridge razors tend to have more blades, which may irritate sensitive skin. While a safety razor will need to be sharpened more often, it will result in a more thorough shave. Moreover, safety razors offer a closer shave without irritation. You can purchase in stores and subscription boxes.

The main difference between safety razors and cartridge razors lies in the price. Safety razors cost more than cartridge razors, but they are built to last and offer different handle styles and blade options. 

Cartridge razors are cheaper, but you’ll have to replace them more often, and they are locked to a particular brand of blade. While cartridge razors are faster, they are also less pampering. A safety razor is more traditional in style and is a more personal piece of equipment.

Another difference between cartridges and safety razors is the cost of replacement blades. Replacement cartridges cost $10 per blade, while a safety razor only costs $0.80 per blade. Whether you’re shaving your face once a week or shaving every day, safety razors can help you get the closest shave possible. However, you’ll need to replace the blades more often to achieve acceptable results.

A safety razor is usually metal with a non-slip handle and concave head. A safety razor’s handle is shorter than its cartridge counterpart. Safety razors can be intimidating for a first-time user. For this reason, you’ll want to pay close attention to every stroke. A safety razor’s handle also varies, so choosing a suitable model is crucial if you have large hands.

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Safety Razor Vs. Cartridge: Which Is Better?

Safety Razor Vs. Cartridge Which Is Better

When debating between a safety razor and a cartridge razor, the question of “which is better” largely hinges on personal preference, specific shaving needs, and environmental considerations. Let’s delve into the nuances of each to help you make an informed choice.

Safety Razors:

Revered for their classic design and precision, safety razors offer a close, clean shave with a single double-edged blade. This single-blade approach reduces the risk of skin irritation and ingrown hairs, a boon for those with sensitive skin. The initial investment in a high-quality safety razor may be higher, but the cost-effectiveness shines through in the long run, as replacement blades are remarkably inexpensive. Moreover, the eco-friendly aspect of safety razors is commendable, as they generate significantly less waste than their cartridge counterparts. However, mastering the technique of using a safety razor takes time and patience, as it requires careful handling to avoid nicks and cuts.

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Cartridge Razors:

The modern-day convenience of cartridge razors lies in their ease of use and accessibility. With multiple blades and flexible heads, these razors are designed to glide over the contours of the face with ease, offering a quick and comfortable shave. They are particularly user-friendly for beginners or those in a rush. However, the cost of replacement cartridges can be high over time, and the multiple-blade design may increase the likelihood of irritation for some users. Additionally, the environmental impact cannot be ignored, as these razors contribute significantly to plastic waste.

In essence, choosing between a safety razor and a cartridge razor comes down to what you value most in your shaving experience. If precision, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability are your priorities, a safety razor might be your best bet. On the other hand, if you prioritize convenience, speed, and ease of use, a cartridge razor could be more suitable. Both have their unique advantages and cater to different shaving preferences and styles.

Is a safety razor better for sensitive skin?

While safety razors are not the best choice for the guy having sensitive skin, they offer an easy way to get a close shave or you can shave your booty hair effectively. Safety razors are better for shaving your neck and face because they can quickly and easily change their blades without causing any irritation. Safety razors are an excellent option for those who want a close shave without spending much money. 


While comparing Safety Razors vs Disposable, we found that a safety razor is more expensive than a disposable razor, but its benefits outweigh the downsides. Safety razors are also heavier than disposable ones, but they are much easier to wash and maintain. They are more difficult to lose than disposable ones, but the quality of their material makes up for that. Safety razors are excellent if you’re looking for a quality shaving tool that will last a lifetime.

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