How to Grow Beard on Cheeks Naturally : [Proven Practices]

Growing a beard on the cheeks is notoriously tricky, and most guys struggle with it. These are the hardest areas to fill in and grow quickly. If you’ve been one of those guys looking for How to Grow Beard on Cheeks, then this guide can help. 

Keep reading to learn if you can’t grow a beard on your cheeks or if your beard only grows under your chin. The process does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. Learn how to properly grow a beard on your cheeks by reading this article. Let’s dig in.

How Do You Describe Facial Hair?

First, it’s essential to understand that your facial hair grows on your cheeks, androgenic hair. Having a thin beard on the cheeks is normal. But it’s still annoying. While it might feel like you’re the only person in the world with this issue, it’s perfectly normal to feel lonely and confused when it comes to growing a beard on your cheeks.

First Phase | Patchy Look 

The first two weeks of facial hair growth are crucial for the beard to be fully covered. The upper cheek hair grows in later. During the awkward growth phase, your beard may look patchy and unattractive. 

During this phase, you should be patient and not judge your beard too harshly. You’ll probably get the full coverage of your cheeks after several months.

Effective Ways to Grow Beard On Cheeks

Exhibiting your facial hair is a fantastic method to express yourself while also seeming attractive. The best methods of how to grow a beard on cheeks at home are as follows:

Increase Your Water Intake

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water not only helps you develop a full beard but is also beneficial to your overall well-being. It keeps your kidneys functioning properly and helps flush out harmful substances from your body. 

Additionally, it keeps your skin and hair follicles hydrated, essential to a healthy beard and weak cheek beard growth. For best results, fill a 1.5-liter water jug in the morning. It will equal about ten glasses of water.

Let it Grow 

If you’d like to grow your beard on your cheeks, one of the primary steps is to grow for a few weeks. By giving your beard some time to grow, you can estimate how much it covers the cheek. If your beard is still too short, it won’t cover your cheeks, but you’ll have to wait until it’s completely grown to see the full effect.

Use Peppermint Oil

Another way to grow a beard on the cheeks is to add peppermint oil. It’s cheap and has some evidence to support the claim that peppermint oil can make your beard grow. A dropper bottle of peppermint oil should be sufficient to provide the desired results. 

You should also use carrier oil. It can be expensive, so if you’re not sure, make sure you get a carrier oil to keep it out of the skin.  Some of the most effective are peppermint oil in a 3% solution, and applying peppermint oil to the cheeks will help you achieve your goal faster. Some even prescribe beard-growing supplements.

Rest and Mineral-Rich Diet

In addition to getting enough rest, you need to make sure your diet is filled with the right vitamins and minerals. These include zinc, magnesium, iodine, selenium, copper, and selenium.

Use Essential Oils 

How to Grow Beard on Cheeks

In addition to applying essential oils, you can apply coconut oil and rosemary oil. You should massage your cheeks with these two products twice a week. Incorporating these two methods into your daily routine will help you achieve the best results.

Apply Minoxidil to the Cheek

You can also apply minoxidil beard oil to the cheeks from the Rogaine, which helps the facial hair grow faster. All these methods take time, so don’t rush. The results will come in months, so give it time to grow.

Use Beard Shaping Tool

Once you’ve trimmed your beard, make sure you use a beard-shaping tool. These tools are available online and help you shape your beard in an even manner. Use a trimmer or a razor with a thin blade to eliminate excess hair. Let the beard grow again for 3 months, then trim it again. It will make sure your beard grows even.

Use Derma Roller on the Cheek

When it comes to Derma roller on the cheek, it can help with proper hair growth. It can stimulate the blood in the hair, making it stronger and increasing hair growth faster.

Reasons Why You Can’t Grow Beard on Cheeks

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t grow a beard on the cheeks, you’re not alone. Many guys have a hard time growing upper cheek hair. 

Hormonal Changes

Low levels of certain hormones in your body may also be the culprit. If you don’t have enough energy to keep up with your daily activities, your body may down-regulate unnecessary processes, such as facial hair growth. 

Rate of Hair Growth 

One reason is your rate of growth. When you have uneven facial hair, one side will be shorter than the other. You can also experience the same problem on your cheeks if the hairs are growing in opposite directions. 

Tidbit: How to solve this?

Try optimizing your beard hormone levels and boosting your energy intake. However, be aware that it can take several months to see results.

Lack of Energy

The other reason for patchy facial hair on the cheeks is that you lack energy. Your body needs sufficient energy to produce facial hair. It needs beard growth hormones and energy. 

If you have low energy, your beard growth will be slowed down or even stunted. It’s also vital for your bodily functions. Your metabolism is essential for the production of beard hormones.

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How to grow beard on cheeks naturally at home?

Growing a beard on your cheeks naturally at home requires patience and proper care. To promote beard growth in this area, start by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A well-balanced diet rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals is crucial for hair growth.

Regularly massaging your cheeks with natural oils like coconut or jojoba oil can stimulate blood circulation and encourage hair follicles to produce thicker and longer beard hair. Additionally, avoid over-shaving, as this can hinder beard growth. Instead, let your beard grow freely, and once it reaches a reasonable length, trim and shape it to your desired style.

Consistency is key, so continue with these practices, and over time, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your cheek beard growth, achieving the full and natural look you desire.

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Tips and Tricks 

While there are many tips and tricks to grow a beard on the cheeks, you need to follow some basic guidelines for success. 

  • First, don’t cut your cheeks too often. 
  • The hair on your cheeks grows slowly, and wait three months to trim your beard.
  • A high protein diet is essential to growing scruff on your cheeks. 
  • Keeping the cheekline higher than you believe is necessary is also a good rule of thumb.
  • It’s also essential to keep the beard line clean.

Is there a lot of work involved in growing a beard?

The genetic disposition may play a role for some. However, some people have a naturally thick beard and can grow it quickly. For other people, the problem may be genetic, or a result of the environment may show the signs you can’t grow a beard.

A beard is not for everyone. Some men can’t grow their facial hair as quickly as others. Some men are simply not genetically equipped with the hairy gene.

Keeping your body well-fed is the best way to keep your facial hair healthy and strong. Besides, your beard needs plenty of nutrients to stay healthy and full of energy. 

To maintain healthy body weight, consume a high in omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Vitamin E is vital for healthy hair growth, so eat plenty of these vitamins and more green leafy vegetables.

It’s essential to have patience and be consistent with your beard. It’s not always easy to achieve a thick beard, but it’s worth the effort.

How Long to Grow a Full Beard?

How Long to Grow a Full Beard?

The growth rate of facial hair is a challenging aspect. It’s essential to give your beard 4-6 weeks to grow. It’s also vital to avoid shaping and trimming it before your beard is fully developed.

Final Verdict

Even though the beard on the cheeks is usually thin, this is entirely normal and doesn’t mean that it’s not attractive or desirable. It’s just a regular part of your body. Just remember that it takes time to grow facial hair on your cheeks. You can even take a few supplements to increase your beard growth. You just need to nurture it and give it proper time.

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