How to Use a Clipper | Ultimate A to Z Guide on Using Clipper

Using a clipper is an artistic process that includes an immense focus on the minute details to bring out the perfect look. If you’re starting with hair clipping, you might be wondering how to use a clipper because knowing the right way can bring more customer satisfaction.

Here are some tips to get you started. You can also find helpful information about clipper guards and the lever. Listed below are some ways to use clippers. Hopefully, you’ll have a smooth hair-cutting experience. If not, keep reading for some helpful information.

How to use Clipper for Hair Cut?

You can learn how to use the clipper for a haircut at home by following simple steps. 

  • Ensure that the clipper is level against the head and hold it with firm pressure. 
  • Clip the hair from the hairline to the back of the head, working your way up. 
  • Use a mirror to keep track of the length and hold the clipper securely. 
  • If you want a precise trim, you can take help from a professional hairstylist or cut your hair yourself.

Feel the Direction of Hair

The first step in using a clipper is to feel the direction of the hair. Different parts of the head have different hair growth patterns. For example, if you’re switching from a longer style to a buzz cut, you must get a more oversized guard and check the look with your mirror before attempting it at home. 

Wetting the Hair 

Getting the hair wet can also help with the cut. It will also make it easier to follow the hairlines, minimizing the amount of time needed to cut the hair.

Select the Right Length 

Once you’ve selected the length and style of your hair, you can start choosing an attachment comb. Many hair clippers will come with three combs: 1, 2, and 3. The lower number will give you a closer, tapered cut, and the higher number will cut longer and smoother. 

Taper Level

The taper lever allows you to change the closeness and length of the cut to achieve a clean look.

How do Clipper Guards Work?

Clipper guards are a great way to adjust how much hair is cut off. They are essential for home haircuts and must-have accessories for every hair clipper. Clipper guards allow you to choose the appropriate length of hair to cut off, so you can style it to suit your preferences. 

There are different grades of clipper guards, and each grade is designed to cut a specific amount of hair. Higher grades trap less hair between the blades and leave the cut shorter and more manageable.

How do Clipper Guards Work?

The number of clipper guards is significant for the perfect cut. You can start with a lower number for a fade and go up to a higher number for a more extended cut. To get the correct length for the cut, you should know the number of the guard before starting. Most clipper guards have the same number. You can also use the number to ask your barber to cut your hair differently.

To determine what size guard you need, look for a guide that lists the numbers. Some clipper guard sets come with several different styles, so choose the one that matches your needs. If you are looking for a buzz cut, a number four clipper guard is ideal. 

It is also great for long buzz cuts and fades. You can also use a number five clipper guard to create layers. A number six clipper guard is also used for tapering. A number six clipper guard measures approximately 3/4 inches long.

  • Guard #1 will be one-eighth of an inch, and Guard #2 will be one-quarter of an inch
  • Guard # 3 is three-eighths of an inch, and Guard #4 will be one-half of an inch
  • Guard # 5 is equal to five-eighths of an inch of your hair, and Guard # 6 conforms the three-quarters of an inch
  • Guard #7 is seven-eighths of an inch, and guard Number 8 is equal to 1 inch

How to use hair clippers for beginners?

When learning to use hair clippers for the first time, you should know a few things. You should know which guard to use and how to hold them properly, for starters. Once you know these two essential things, you’ll be able to use your clippers effectively. Here are a few basic techniques you can use right away. 

  • When using hair clippers for the first time, start from the sides of your head and work upwards. 
  • Once you can do that, you can move on to the top of your head and the back.
  • Purchasing a quality hair clipper is essential for any beginner. You want to ensure you’re getting a high-quality clipper from a trusted brand like Wahl.
  •  Before using your clipper for the first time, spend a few minutes getting familiar with the clipper.
  • Know the guard’s numbers. 
  • Experiment with the grips and turn them on. 
  • You’ll be able to hear the buzzing sound when the clipper is switched on.
  • Learn from the expert.

How to use Hair Clippers Lever?

A taper lever is an advanced feature of hair clippers that helps you adjust the length without using a grader. Move the lever to the highest position to bring the top blade closer to the other and cut shorter. 

The taper lever helps trim hair that jammed or got stuck and can be used to remove the hair from the clipper. Use your thumb to move the lever. Make sure the lever is secure and does not slip or vibrate.

When starting a new haircut, it’s essential to understand how the liver works. Most clippers come with taper levers, and adjusting them will give you the desired results. You can change the length of your cuts by moving the taper lever up or down. 

If the lever becomes stuck, move it back down until the blades are free. When clipping your hair, look for zero-gap Clippers or an alignment of threads on both sides of the blades.

Next, the lever is used to adjust the length of the blades. This lever has three positions, including the closed, open, and halfway positions. The closed position cuts the hair longer than the open one, while the open position cuts slightly shorter. 

This lever position helps blend and fade haircuts. The video below will show you how to use a hair clipper lever. And once you’ve mastered these positions, you can move on to more advanced techniques.

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How to use hair Clippers on a man?

How to use hair clippers on a man?

If you’re cutting a man’s hair, follow these instructions and a set of steps to provide the correct type of haircut men want.

  • The first step is to ensure the clipper is level against the head. 
  • Hold the clippers firmly against the man’s head and trim in the same direction several times. 
  • Start at the top of the head, working your way back and trimming the sides and back. 
  • Trim the hair in the same direction as the length guide comb, then move to the sides.
  • It’s essential to wash and dry his hair before you start to cut a man’s hair properly. Use a gentle shampoo, conditioner, or all-over body wash. 
  • Dry hair before cutting, as unwashed hair will clog in the clippers. 
  • After washing, dry the hair thoroughly, remove tangles, and clip the desired length.
  • Choose a hair clipper with a comb attachment. Give numbers to the Comb so you know which one to use. The lower the number, the shorter the hair will be.
  •  When cutting the hair, make sure to apply lubricant and clean the blades thoroughly after use. A few drops of Clippercide will help prevent the hair from getting stuck between the blades. That way, you won’t have to worry about malfunctioning clippers.
  • Now follow the proper style that your customer wants.

How to use hair clippers on a woman?

How to use hair clippers on a woman?

You must follow a few key steps when using hair clippers on a woman. 

  1. First, set the clippers adequately with the guard. 
  2. This guard will usually be the lower number. 
  3. Once you have chosen the appropriate guard, begin cutting the hair from the sideburns to the top, starting from the lower part of the sides and working upwards. 
  4. Be sure to tilt the blade at an angle to make it even fade from top to bottom.
  5. Next, make sure that the hair is clean. 
  6. Oily hair stick together and creates problems with clippers like getting stuck in clippers.
  7. Comb the hair beforehand to keep it free from oil and tangles.
  8. Finally, make sure the hair is dry before cutting. Wet hair does not lay like dry hair and will produce a different look than you are aiming for. 
  9. Use the hand on top of the head to guide the clippers while they cut.
  10. After washing the hair with conditioner, prepare the clippers. 
  11. Generally, hair clippers come with comb attachments to make cutting the hair more manageable. Lower numbers mean shorter hair. 
  12. When choosing a comb, it is best to choose a lower number to match the length of the hair. 
  13. Using the correct comb will give you a great-looking, affordable haircut. 
  14. Once you’ve set your clipper guards, follow up with trimming the hair to get a professional look.


Using a clipper is a series of steps that a barber follows to reach the ideal haircut. If you do not follow instructions, you will end up losing customers, so for this reason, you need to learn How to Use a Clipper professionally. This guide will provide you with the step-by-step processes to use it on men and women. 

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