How to Trim Your Beard With Scissors : Trimming Beard

How do you trim your beard? What is the most accessible and affordable way to cut excessive hair on your face? Scissors come to mind straight away, but are you capable of trimming your beard with scissors? You may have been wondering how to trim your beard with scissors

Is it a challenging task or the easiest one? 

Scissors are one of the most frequent things you can find in a home, and beard scissors are a must-have in men’s grooming kit. Trimming beard with scissors Reddit is one of the most asked questions. So, we thought we should provide the most suitable answer on how to trim with scissors. 

After reading this article, you should be well-equipped to trim your beard with scissors. You should be able to use it without any hassles. We will let you explore why you should use high-quality scissors rather than clippers. Also, we will compare the reliability of scissors versus clippers. So, let’s begin. 

Is it safe to cut a beard with scissors?

I often wonder whether it’s safe to cut my beard with scissors, especially since I’m relatively new to grooming my facial hair. The answer, I’ve learned, is yes – cutting your beard with scissors can be safe and effective if done correctly. Scissors give you more precision and control compared to electric clippers, which makes it easier to shape and trim your beard to your preferred length and style.

It’s essential, though, to use sharp, high-quality grooming scissors to avoid any accidental tugging or pulling of the hair, as that can be uncomfortable and might lead to split ends. Also, it’s a good idea to take your time and make small, gradual cuts to avoid trimming off more than you intend. For those who, like me, prefer a DIY approach to beard grooming, investing in a good pair of scissors and practicing proper technique can lead to great results.

However, if you’re unsure about your skills, considering a consultation with a professional barber for expert guidance and maintenance is always an option.

How to Trim Beard with Scissors and Comb?

Beard trimming for beginners can be a frustrating task, but if you follow the proper guidelines, you can easily manage to cut the beard with scissors. You need to follow these steps to reach the desired result. The steps include:

  • The first step is to wash your beard thoroughly with shampoo.
  • Then you need to dry it with a towel or air.
  • Get a comb, and next, you should comb your beard with a non-snagging comb. 
  • Or you may use a good alternative: a boar bristle beard brush.
  • For detailed trimming, you need to decide the length and weight of the beard.
  • After deciding the length, you need to trim the beard with the comb and first trim off the split ends.
  • Now go deeper with the comb till the required weight and length.
  • You need to be very careful and make a line first; then, you can use a trimmer for better details.
  • Then, properly cut the excessive hair.
  • Now come to the mustache; comb the mustache first.
  • After combing, detect the split ends and cut them precisely.
  • Balance the mustache and beard while looking in the mirror.
  • Now clean the scissors correctly.
  • Nourish your beard with the oil after cleaning and washing with the shampoo.

Importance of Good Quality Beard Scissors

The quality of beard scissors will vary based on the type of steel used and the size. The size will also determine portability and versatility. However, quality scissors are very hard to find in smaller sizes. 

Although many unbranded smaller scissors claim to be ideal for beard trimming, these lack the quality of expensive hairdressing scissors. Even if you can find high-quality beard scissors, you may find that they are too large for your beard. Another essential feature is the ergonomic grip to look for. 

Importance of Good Quality Beard Scissors

Having good-quality scissors is essential whether you’re just starting to trim your beard or are an experienced barber. A cheap set of scissors will ruin your beard trim by breaking the handle or causing it to become dull. 

A good set of scissors can also make it easier to manage your beard if you’re new to the process. With the proper scissors, you’ll be able to trim your beard with complete control over the texture and style.

While you’re growing your beard, the split ends will eventually form. The split ends will prevent the growth of healthy hair, which makes your beard look coarse and unruly. If you don’t want split ends, you’ll want to use scissors instead. These will also snip any visible split ends. And they won’t shave off the length.

The blades of an excellent beard-trimming pair of scissors are essential. They should be precise and not catch facial hair in between the blades. The blades are made of surgical-grade stainless steel that won’t rust or stain and will remain sharp for years. 

A beard-trimming pair of scissors will also have an adjustable gold-painted tension screw for a comfortable fit. In addition, a good set of beard scissors will come with a beard comb and faux leather pouch. The comb can help you with detailed trimming and deflects any unwanted hair from the sharp blades.

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Benefits of Using Scissors to Trim Beards

How to Trim Your Beard With Scissors | Benefits of Using Scissors to Trim Beards

If you are a beard grower, then you have probably noticed that the benefits of using scissors to trim beards are immense. You will enjoy the benefits of a trimmed beard, but you’ll also have a fuller and longer beard. 

Saves Time and Energy  

The reason for trimming a beard is apparent – it will give it shape and volume because untrimmed beards look flat and undefined. A good pair of scissors for beard trimming can save you time and hassle. Beards grow unevenly and are affected by your genetic makeup. It makes it essential to get them trimmed as soon as they appear. 

Affordable and Suitable

Beard scissors are affordable and convenient and allow you to cut your beard to any length you desire. Using a beard clipper can only trim up to one inch. If you don’t have any money to waste on expensive clippers, you can opt for beard scissors. 

Help You Achieve Cuts and Fades

They will allow you to get the exact length and shape without damaging your beard. But remember, scissors can cause split ends and damage, so be careful. Unlike clippers, beard scissors give you maximum control over the length and shape of your beard. Also, you can use them for more complicated cuts and fades, which is very useful for beard trims.

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Lightweight and Long-lasting

When it comes to beard trimming, high-quality scissors are worth the money. Stainless steel makes them rust-resistant and long-lasting, while the rounded end is excellent protection against the skin. Stainless steel is rust-resistant and lightweight, making it ideal for any man’s needs. German and Japanese construction is the best among all steels.

Easy to Grip 

A good set of beard scissors will have the right size, blade, and comfortable grip. German-made scissors will have all of these essential features and more.

Easy to Clean 

Before you decide to use beard scissors, you need to decide if you’re willing to invest some money in a good pair of beard scissors. A good pair of beard scissors will allow you to trim a beard more quickly and efficiently than a beard trimmer can do. Besides, they’re easier to clean and are safer than any other type of trimmer.

Easy to Use

One of the advantages of using beard scissors is that they’re easier to use and don’t need sharp edges. If you want a beard that’s longer than your fingers, you can use a beard clipper, but you should use scissors instead if you’re trying to achieve a longer beard. It will ensure that your beard is smooth and perfectly shaped.

You Can Give Any Shape

You don’t have to shave your beard when you’re wet. Using scissors will ensure that you don’t cut any more hair than you need. And since beard hair grows faster in the morning, you can trim your beard with less effort and achieve the best results. Scissors to trim beards allow you to get the best shape possible, even if you have a thick beard.


How to Trim Your Beard With Scissors | Benefits of Using Scissors to Trim Beards

Both have their significance in trimming a beard with scissors and clippers. It would help if you looked for it according to your needs and budget. Let’s discuss the convenience both devices provide.

Precision Factor 

One of the most significant differences between scissors and clippers when trimming your beard is the degree of precision. While clippers can help achieve a precise cut, scissors are much more reliable and will not break or malfunction after a few uses. In addition, using a pair of scissors will allow for more accurate trimming so that beginners can get a great beard trim without any mistakes.


While clippers are faster and easier to use, they can damage your beard if you are not careful. Scissors are more precise and allow you to maintain complete control over the cut. It is imperative when it comes to trimming your stache. Clippers can also be challenging to maneuver, requiring a battery charge to keep them running correctly.

Durability and Comfort

For intricate styles, scissors are the way to go. Because they do not rely on a motor, they tend to last longer. However, these devices can take more time and require more manual labor. Some men do not feel comfortable using scissors. It’s best to use whichever tool you feel most comfortable with. It will ultimately determine how effective you find a tool. And whether clippers are the right choice for you is entirely up to you.


While the reliability of scissors is superior to clippers, be sure to clean your beard scissors after each use. Keeping them in a dry, clean place will stay sharp for longer. If you are using clippers to cut your beard, make sure to sharpen them regularly to prevent injury. Otherwise, you might pull a few hairs or cause uneven cuts.

Best for Mustache 

Mustache scissors are designed for precise cutting and work to trim sideburn hairs. Moreover, they are hollow ground and have a tight fit. Some men have larger hands than others, and the finger holes on their beard clippers are not always suitable for them. Fortunately, mustache scissors are designed with your ring finger in mind, with a finger rest to keep your fingers steady.

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How to trim a long beard with scissors?

To trim the long beard with scissors, you can follow these guidelines.

  1. Wash and dry the long beard.
  2. Comb the hair and determine the length of the beard.
  3. Now draw the neckline first and clean the neck.
  4. Then, cut the cheek hair and balance both sides to the desired length.
  5. Give a sharp look at the mustache.
  6. Clean the razor and beard, and you are done.

Trimming a short beard with scissors:

  1. Gather your tools: high-quality scissors, a fine-toothed comb, and a mirror.
  2. Wash and dry your beard thoroughly.
  3. Comb your beard to detangle and straighten the hair.
  4. Set your desired beard length.
  5. Begin trimming in the direction of hair growth, making short, precise cuts.
  6. Maintain symmetry by comparing both sides.
  7. Focus on trouble spots like the neckline and cheeklines.
  8. Trim the mustache separately, ensuring it doesn’t cover your upper lip.
  9. Make final adjustments but avoid over-trimming.
  10. Clean your tools after use.
  11. Apply beard oil or balm for a finishing touch.

Final Words

We have provided you with the details of How to trim your beard with scissors. If you are a beginner, you may want to invest in a pair of scissors and try it out. Once you’ve gotten used to using them, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of using scissors for beard trimming. Beard scissors will last you longer and won’t need to be replaced. And, they are also cheaper than clippers. A good pair of beard scissors can save you time and frustration, so enjoy the affordable convenience. 

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