How To Grow a Handlebar Mustache? Step by Step Guide 

Growing a handlebar mustache requires time, patience, and the right grooming techniques. Famous figures throughout history have sported this iconic style, and it’s still popular today. Want to know How to grow a handlebar mustache? You’ll need to start with a full beard, trim and shape the hair on your upper lip, and use wax to create the signature curled ends. With regular maintenance and styling, you can achieve a bold and impressive mustache that will make you stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we’ll explore a step-by-step guide on how to grow a handlebar and offer some tips for maintenance and styling. We are discussing history to Stages to growth, from maintenance to styles, do’s and don’ts, and interesting facts about it, so sit tight and keep reading.

How To Grow a Mustache? Step-by-Step Guide

Growing a mustache takes time and patience, but you can achieve a stylish and impressive look with the right steps. Here are the steps to grow a handlebar mustache:

  1. Stop shaving your mustache completely. Let it grow out for at least four weeks before attempting to shape it.
  2. Use a beard comb or brush to keep your mustache clean and tangle-free. This will help it grow evenly and reduce split ends.
  3. Once your mustache has grown to a decent length, begin training it to curl upward using a small amount of wax or mustache balm.
  4. To start shaping your mustache into a handlebar shape, begin by combing your mustache straight down.
  5. Work a small amount of wax or balm into your mustache, starting from the center and working your way outward toward the tips.
  6. Use your fingers to twist the ends of your mustache upward into a curl. You can also use a small mustache comb to shape the curls and remove any tangles.
  7. Regularly shape and style your mustache, using wax or balm as needed. Be patient and keep practicing until you achieve your desired handlebar mustache style.

Famous Handle Bar Mustache History

The first handlebar mustache came into popular culture during the 18th and 19th centuries. It was associated with the classic Victorian, and Edwardian era looks. Gentlemen of the time regularly wore mustaches to indicate their social status.

Later, this mustache style was embraced worldwide, spreading to soldiers and Royal Air Force pilots. Many of these famous men are depicted in symbolic photographs of English colonialism.

The most famous mustache of all time belonged to William Howard Taft, the third President of the United States. He reformated the civil service in his one-term term, bolstered the Interstate Commerce Commission, and improved the United States Postal Service. In the 1920s, the style gained popularity as a mustache and trend. It is often used to indicate a man’s sexual orientation and personality. 

The mythology of the first renowned mustache starts with the narrative of a legendary cowboy. One of the most popular mustaches of the early 20th century was a slick, long pencil mustache relaunched by hipsters. In the 1930s, the silver screen and movies made the pencil mustache more prevalent.

How Long to Grow a Handlebar Mustache?

The first step in growing this mustache is to part your mustache down the middle. You will achieve this by training the hairs to grow away from the nose. In addition, you need to wax the ends of your mustache to imitate the shape of a handlebar. 

A handlebar mustache takes about three to four months to develop fully. It may take multiple appointments, but it will be worth it in the end. So, it will be a great style to have on your face, and you’ll get lots of compliments.

It will have wings and be the shape of a hang-bar mustache at this time. After that, it will be ready to be shaved, although gravity is not kind to wings. Once it’s fully grown, you’ll need to make several appointments to get it to its full hipster potential.

How to grow and maintain & Stages

Having a full mustache is an excellent way to hide a small mouth. It will take some time for the mustache to grow to its desired length, so it’s best to start slow and maintain it for a long time.

Getting the right kind of handlebar mustache takes patience. It usually takes 3 to 4 months to grow this mustache. While growing this mustache may take a while, the results will be well worth it. And it will make you look cool at parties and social gatherings.

During the first few weeks, your mustache will start taking shape. Your mustache will be complete by the end of the second month, and you will have wings. After two to four months of growing, your mustache will be ready to be shaped. 

Grooming and Maintenance 

Grooming and Maintenance handlebar mustache

Everyday grooming is necessary to keep a mustache from looking untidy.

  • While you’ll have to wash it well every night, it will be worth the time and effort. With some practice, your mustache will be just right. It will grow well and look great. 
  • You can experiment with different styles and colors until you find one that suits your taste and looks the best.
  • Wax is a better option for training a mustache. 
  • To shape your mustache, use a comb or brush.

✔ Tip:  You should not curl your handlebars too early.

Use Wax for Grooming 

You should let your mustache grow naturally. Wax is perfect when sculpting your mustache, but the material is not recommended for everyday use. In addition to using wax, you should also wash your mustache every night to prevent it from getting greasy. 

Tidbit: The most crucial step in training your mustache is to leave it uncut for a few days.

Different Types of Mustaches

There are many different mustaches, including stubby, short, and handlebars. In addition, each type has its specific characteristics. The long handlebar is the most classical, while the short stubby mustache is the most popular. 

Stubby Mustache

The first style is the classic, stubby mustache. Some people prefer this style and stick to it. However, this style is not for everyone, especially those with full upper lips. Besides looking awkward and unattractive, this style is also difficult to maintain. 

Military Mustache

Unlike the regular mustache, the military mustache has distinct edges that don’t grow over the lip. It goes best with a clean, shaved face and a well-defined jawline. 

Handlebar Mustache

This mustache has its own set of guidelines. An undercut haircut and a shaved face look great with a Petite Handlebar mustache. Anyone seeking the best of both worlds would like this style.

El Bandito Mustache

El Bandito mustache is popular for men with narrow faces and a defined jawline. It’s perfect for older men with chiseled features and a clean-shaven face. To get the look, try using a mustache comb. It’s a great way to condition the hair and make it grow.

Hungarian Mustache

The Hungarian Mustache is similar to a handlebar but sits lower on the cheeks. This style is most popular among cowboys, as it resembles the face of a walrus. Famous men with this style include Wyatt Earp and Seth Bullock. Although it’s more formal than a standard handlebar, the Hungarian Mustache is another popular style.

Classic Pyramid Mustache

The traditional pyramid mustache is the most well-known of all the mustache styles available. It becomes narrower from the center outward as it gets closer to the ends. The pencil mustache is thin and requires regular grooming to maintain its shape.

Fu Manchu Mustache

The Fu Manchu mustache style originated in Asia but gained popularity in Europe in the early 20th century. The full mustache looks best on bold men and likes to stand out. 

Different Types of Faces and Handlebar Mustaches

This type of Mustache is a popular style among men who prefer to look masculine. It has a vintage feel and requires more maintenance than other mustache styles.

Slim Faces and Handlebar Mustache

This mustache is narrow and twisted. This mustache is more suitable for men with slim faces. A mustache made from this style covers a large area of the face. It can be short or wide. It is easy to maintain and requires waxing or tweezing to stay in place. However, it does require more maintenance and attention than a classic mustache.

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Square Faces or Chin

This mustache is popular for men with square faces and a square chin. This style has a wider face shape, making it the perfect match for a rectangular chin. This style is often narrow and a bit difficult to maintain. But it can look incredibly stylish if cared for. The handles are thin and curved, making them easy to manage.

Handlebar Mustache and Narrow Faces

This kind of mustache is narrow and not very thick. It’s an ideal option for people with narrower faces. It is ideal for men who care about their appearance and want to keep it neat and clean. You can grow a beard with it, and it will look perfect.

Handlebar Mustache Styles| Shape it to Your Preference

Handlebar styles are fun to add facial hair to your face. A mustache’s long, dense ends make it an eye-catching accessory. It can be a fun, effortless style to try, but it can be time-consuming. 

Symmetrical in Length

They can also make your cheeks look more comprehensive, so keep your mustache symmetrical. Once the wax dries, you’ll be able to use a curling iron to secure the coils, and now you know how to set a mustache at home.

Versatile and On-trend

The style is both versatile and handsome. A full mo can be a great way to hide a small mouth. While not for everyone, it can command attention. It increases sex appeal and helps you stand out in the crowd. 

Hiring a professional is best if you plan to grow a mustache. This style can be challenging to maintain, so you may want to take a grooming lesson before starting.

Significance of Wax in Growing 

Once you have your mustache in place, the next step is to get a decent mustache wax. You’ll need this for training your facial hair as well as for daily maintenance. Once it’s growing, you’ll be ready for your next big event. If you’re not into extreme styling, you can always opt for a top knot, which is the latest men’s hairstyle.

This sort of mustache style is trendy among men with oval faces. A typical mustache can fit on an Oval face, but other face shapes may struggle. However, a full mustache is not suitable for every face shape. For example, a round-faced man should avoid a thin handlebar.

With Beard and Clean Shaved Faces

This mustache is best worn on bearded faces or clean-shaved faces. This style is often paired with a classic hairstyle. This type of mustache looks excellent with a bald head. Aside from looking good on a bald or bearded face, it’s also appropriate for a slender person. 

Long Handlebar Mustache

The long handlebar mustache is the most popular style today, and it can be created by applying mustache wax to the hair. It can be pointed straight, curled, straight, or even curled like the Hungarian or English styles. Unlike a beard, this type of mustache can be maintained with a beard and requires the use of pogonotrophy.

What to Do and What Not to Do

How To Grow a Handlebar Mustache What to Do and What Not to Do


If you have a mustache, here are some dos and don’ts to consider. 

Do Train them in a Shape

If you’re just getting started with the mustache, you should know that it may take up to three months to grow. To make the process easier, you can use a blow dryer to keep the hair in place and to help you train it into shape. 

Do Grooming Regularly 

You should also remember that grooming your mustache regularly to maintain its look is essential. You should trim it every day to keep it trimmed and free of stray hairs. 

Do Trimming

Trimming your mustache is essential. You can trim it daily to maintain its shape and keep it clean. However, you should not clip it near your mouth. It’s best to leave the tips longer, as you can comb them away from your mouth. 

Do Brush Regular

In addition to the maintenance, a mustache needs grooming regularly. It takes time and effort to grow this mustache, but the results are well worth it. It is essential to have a well-groomed mustache. 

Don’t Be Impatient

It’s best to be patient and avoid hurrying your mustache. A professional should maintain a handcrafted mustache, as it’s likely to become damaged if it’s not cared for correctly.

Once you’ve mastered the dos and don’ts of a handlebar mustache, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a great look.

Don’t Go Below the Chin

Keeping the mustache short is an essential aspect of grooming. You should trim it down just above the lip line but not below the chin. In addition, don’t grow it too long, as it will end up looking like a soup strainer.

Interesting Handlebar Mustache Facts and Benefits

This Mustache is a fantastic style that defines refined manliness. The mustache is not for everyone and requires a commitment to maintaining. Here are some fun facts about this unique hairstyle. Learn How To Grow a Handlebar Mustache, how to look your best, and what it means to you. After all, the mustache is one of the most fashionable hairstyles around right now.

Comes from Iron Age

As we know, this type of mustache has many benefits and is the most popular type of mustache. It is one of the oldest mustaches and has fascinated men since the Iron Age. 

Should Start From the Upper Lip

Although the mustache has remained popular, it is still a fashion statement today. While it can be large or small, it is mainly growing. It should start in the middle of the upper lip and be combed out towards the ends.

Oval Face | Avoid Trimming in the First Fortnight

If you have a thin or oval face, you can avoid trimming your mustache during the first two weeks of growth. However, if you’d like to have this kind of mustache, you should start growing it when it’s half-grown. 

Once it’s half-grown, you can consider trimming it once or twice a week. Be sure to get your mustache waxed to avoid unevenness.

If you’re not comfortable with the size and shape of your mustache, you can always trim it as needed. 

Rich History 

The handlebar mustache has a long and rich history. This is a popular style that reflects the sophistication of manliness. It has been famous for centuries. So, It gained its widest public acceptance in the late 19th century when men began to ask their barbers to use a stiffening agent. It is often associated with a barbershop quartet or a traveling circus barker. 

It is Adaptable

The mustache is considered to be the most adaptable style of mustache. It can grow past the edges of your mouth, but you should keep in mind that it will not make you appear taller or wider.  If you’re a man with a broad face, a handlebar mustache can help you look taller. 

It’s Famous

A handlebar mustache is the most famous type of mustache in the world. It has a long history and is one of the most recognizable mustaches. In the 1970s, it was popularized by many well-known sports figures, including baseball pitcher Rollie Fingers.


How long does it take to grow a curly moustache?

The time it takes to grow a curly mustache, also known as a handlebar mustache, can vary depending on several factors, including genetics, age, and overall health. On average, it can take four to six months to grow a handlebar mustache long enough to curl into the desired shape.

However, this timeline can vary greatly, as some individuals may experience faster or slower hair growth than others. It’s important to be patient and consistent in caring for your mustache, including regularly trimming and grooming it and using products like mustache wax or balm to encourage healthy growth and curling.

How to grow a hungarian mustache?

Growing a Hungarian mustache requires patience, dedication, and the right grooming techniques. Here are the steps to grow a Hungarian mustache:

  1. Start by growing a full beard: A Hungarian mustache is typically grown from a full beard, so allow it to grow for several weeks until it reaches your desired length.
  2. Trim your beard: Trim it to your desired length once it has grown out. You want your beard to be long enough to style your mustache but not too long that it becomes unmanageable.
  3. Shave the cheeks: Shave the hair on your cheeks, leaving only the hair on your upper lip and chin.
  4. Train the hair: Use a comb or brush to train the hair on your upper lip to grow straight down. This will help you create a distinctive curl at the end of the mustache.
  5. Apply mustache wax: Use a small amount of mustache wax to shape your mustache into a curled shape at the ends. Apply the wax in small amounts, working it into the hair and shaping it as you go.
  6. Maintain your mustache: As your mustache grows, trim the ends regularly to maintain the shape and prevent split ends. You can also use a small amount of wax to touch up the style throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Still not clear about How to grow a handlebar mustache? You need to be patient and persistent to achieve the perfect Handlebar. It takes time, but if you are impatient, the handlebar Style mustache won’t stay, so keep it stylish and attractive you need to do proper grooming and maintenance.

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