Trimmer vs Epilator: Difference between Trimmer and Epilator

What do you prefer between Trimmer or Epilator? Various skin tones and preferences make each individual choose what’s best for them. You’re probably wondering what the difference between Trimmer and Epilator is. A trimmer, as the name suggests, a trimmer cuts hair to a specific length, and an epilator plucks hair from the root. 

The main difference is that epilators remove hair from the root. On the other hand, trimmers can only remove short hair, and stubble left on the skin adds texture. Epilators can remove any length of hair, including body hair and eyebrows. 

This article will elaborate on and illustrate all the key differences and significance of the Trimmer and Epilator. Moreover, we have comprehensive explanations and guides about avoiding and dealing with ingrown hair later in the article. So, keep reading for a better learning experience.

Difference between Trimmer and Epilator | All You Need to Know

Both work on different principles, and here, we will elaborate on how they work. We used different epilators and trimmers to dissect the complete analysis of these hair-removing devices. Let’s dig deeper.

What is a Trimmer? How does it work?

What is a Trimmer

The trimmer is used to cut hair from the surface, like grass cutting above the surface, unlike shaving cleans the whole surface. It is a small machine that is brilliantly designed for the required purpose of working. 

There are two blades – the upper blade oscillates, and these two blades slide. When hair goes in between these two blades, blades cut it down or tear down the hair completely. 

  • These two blades are tightly bound with a spring.
  • When the motor moves, it provides the side motion to help blades oscillate. 
  • The RPM of the motor shows at what speed it will work on the hair to cut.

What is an Epilator? How does it work?


What is an Epilator? How does it work?

Modern epilators typically consist of metal plates mounted in a plastic housing. The tips of the metal plates move together and apart once per revolution. It creates a tweezing effect as the tweezers grab the hair. The hair between the metal plates is pulled out and released as they rotate away from the skin. This continuous gripping action ensures that hair is removed from the root.

Trimmer vs. Epilator | Pulling Hair from Root

Knowing which one goes deeper on the skin to complete the cutting process. We used both on the skin for a more brief understanding and got these different experiences.

Does Epilator pull hair from the root?

Epilators pull hair out from the root. They work by damaging the hair follicle so that new hair grows thinner. It removes hair as short as half a millimeter. They are also effective on sensitive areas such as the face, bikini line, legs, etc. Because they effectively pull out hair, choosing a high-quality, gentle device on the skin is essential.

Epilation is similar to waxing and uses a mechanical device called an epilator. Unlike waxing, it plucks hair from the root, often pulling it out from the skin. Some epilators have tweezer mechanisms or spinning wheels which grab hair when pressed against the skin. In most cases, epilators are more effective than waxing, which requires multiple visits.

Does Trimmer remove hair from root?

The structure of the trimmer is like the oscillating blades do not work like shavers. They only cut from the surface, so they regrow faster than the epilators and shavers. 

The trimmer is gentle on the skin, so it doesn’t hurt. Its floating head adapts to your face, preventing cuts, and it also features foil, which protects your skin as it trims your hair.

Philips Epilator Series 8000 5 in-1 Shaver, Trimmer, Pedicure and Body Exfoliator with 9 Accessories,

Philips is a well-known brand that offers a range of personal grooming products, including epilators and trimmers. The Philips epilator and trimmer combo is a product that combines the features of an epilator and a trimmer into one device, allowing users to remove hair from the roots and trim or shape hair in one convenient tool.

Features of Philips epilator and trimmer combo

Some features of the Philips epilator and trimmer combo  include:

Intuitively designed to capture hairs shorter than waxing, Philip Epilator Series 8000 offers smooth epilation, which means there’s no waiting for hairs to grow out after waxing. 

With a built-in light, you’ll be able to see unremoved hair, while a ceramic disk with a micro-ridged surface is designed to hold hairs up to 0.5mm firmly.

The kit includes an epilation cap for delicate areas, an optimal contact cap, a drawstring pouch, and a cordless epilation machine that can be used for up to 40 minutes cordless. You can use either wet or dry.

Multiple attachments: The device has different attachments that can remove hair from various body parts, such as the legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area. It also comes with attachments for trimming and shaping facial hair.

Wet and dry usage: The device is designed for use in the shower or bath and dry use. This can make it more convenient for users who prefer to epilate or trim in the shower.

Dual speed settings: The device has multiple speed settings, allowing users to customize the intensity of the epilation or trimming process according to their needs.

Pain reduction technology: Some epilators and trimmers, such as a massaging cap or a cooling system, include features designed to reduce pain.

Overall, the Philips epilator and trimmer combo is a versatile and convenient product for personal grooming. It allows users to remove hair from the roots and trim or shape hair in one device, making it a convenient choice for maintaining smooth, well-groomed skin and hair.

Trimmer vs. Epilator: Cost Comparison

The trimmers usually cost between $30 and to 55-60 dollars, but with different companies in the market and reputation, it keeps changing. Facial epilators are generally priced at about $20 to $50, while body epilators can cost up to $100. Body epilators have attachments and can be rough on sensitive areas. 

The average facial epilator has between ten and twenty tweezers. Body epilators are more expensive than trimmers and epilators, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Moreover, when it comes to the combo like Philips epilator and trimmer combo, that costs up to around $100.

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Avoiding Ingrown Hair | Epilator or Trimmer

An ingrown hair occurs when dead skin cells block the follicle and can cause painful ingrown hairs. Itchy and uncomfortable, ingrown hairs are an unsightly and embarrassing problem. Ingrown hairs typically occur in areas with a beard or shaved legs. 

Avoiding Ingrown Hair | Epilator or Trimmer

Other common areas for ingrown hair include the face, armpits, leg pits, buttocks, and bikini lines. In rare cases, you may also experience ingrown hairs on your chest, abdomen, or hands. The low-quality epilators cause more ingrown, while better-quality epilators are less likely to cause it.

Depending on their cause, they can be treated at home with a warm compress or sterile toothpick. In some cases, doctors will prescribe medication to reduce inflammation and infection. It is better to use a trimmer to avoid ingrowing as it does not go deep into the skin.

An ingrown hair can be painful, and some develop into cysts. A cyst is a pus growth around the follicle that can be large or small. While ingrown hairs are not dangerous, they should be treated because they can result in a swollen, red, and painful infection.

Ingrown hairs are caused by damage to the hair follicles and are uncomfortable to have around the genitals. Initially, ingrown hairs tend to go away on their own, but if they are particularly irritated, you may need to do something about them faster. 

Tips to Deal with Ingrown Hair

  • You should avoid shaving your scrotum for at least 30 days.
  • To safely and effectively remove ingrown hair, you can use sterile tweezers or pins.
  •  If your ingrown hair has become infected, use a warm flannel to open up your pores.
  • Use creams.
  • Clear dead skins.
  • Scrubs that exfoliate to tame the hair.

Can you use Epilator on pubic hair?

It works by gripping the follicle at its root with small discs to pull out the hair. Epilators are used to remove hair by gliding it across your skin. It has a rotating tweezers head that traps hairs and pulls them out from the roots of the pubic hair.

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Is Epilator painful?

The pain of epilating is a common reason most people don’t try it. Thankfully, this pain is lessened after the first three to four uses. It’s a similar experience to waxing, though the pain is much less intense. You’ll be surprised that epilation doesn’t hurt nearly as severely as waxing. And while it can be a pain, most epilators are entirely safe.

Final Verdict

The epilator is better than the trimmer when eradicating hair from the roots. On the other hand, if you want to trim or cut the hair from the upper surface, a trimmer is the most suitable choice. And don’t forget about the pain factor because Epilators are pretty itchy, contrary to trimmers that work like thin scissors.

An epilator is a device used to remove hair from the roots by grasping and pulling it out. It typically has a series of tweezers or blades that rotate quickly and grab the hair as it passes by, pulling it out from the follicle. Epilators can be used on various body parts, including the legs, arms, underarms, and bikini.

On the other hand, a trimmer is a device used to trim or shape hair. It typically has a set of blades that move back and forth to cut the hair and can be used to trim the hair on various parts of the body, including the face, neck, and head. Trimmers are often used to maintain short haircuts or to shape facial hair, such as beards and mustaches.

In summary, the main difference between an epilator and a trimmer is the purpose they are used for. An epilator removes hair from the roots, while a trimmer is used to trim or shape hair.

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